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Take one busy mum bubbling with creativity, add nutritional knowledge and a passion for cooking and you end up with The Real Food Cook Book.

Every recipe is gluten free, most are dairy free and the only sucrose to be found is in the 85% dark chocolate used for some seriously grown up puds.

Whatever your health and taste goals, this beautiful book will be a family favourite.
Nutrition plays a huge part of the jigsaw to health and well-being.
Put your health first with the support of Ellen to start healing from within.

Whether you want to discover new foods, or pick up tips of making healthier choices then get hands on in the Healthaspire kitchen with one of the cookery courses, passionately delivered by Ellen, who will guide you through the basics, try lots of tasters and take home recipes and lots of goodies.
Take charge of your own health with our private testing options.
We use a wealth of highly accredited labs across the uk to deliver our testing.


About Us

Ellen Picton, Published author of
The Real Food Cook Book


Healthaspire was established back in 2014 and has been based at Milford waterfront since.

After suffering with her own health problems, Ellen used nutrition and exercise to heal from within and felt it was her calling to train in nutrition and help others, in 2014 she left a 10 year career in radio and set up Healthaspire.

At aged 19 Ellen was diagnosed with coeliac disease which left her feeling exhausted and she struggled daily with digestive problems, she also developed severe endometriosis and after several procedures was told she would be unable to have children and was offered a hysterectomy at aged 24! This was the light switch she needed to turn her own life around and researched into nutrition changes that would help, within months she felt better and by the time she was 29 had her miracle baby – Isabelle.


Ellen felt compelled to study nutrition and had a career change and took the leap of faith of launching ‘Healthaspire’ since then Ellen has helped thousands of people heal by using lifestyle medicine.

Join classically trained Beth Howes Pilates and nutritionist and health coach Ellen Picton of Healthaspire for a 3 night retreat in the peaceful setting of Hill View near Lyme Regis, Devon.

From daily Pilates, country side walks, cookery demos, pampering, time to UNWIND, fresh nutritious meals in stunning surroundings.
Rooms are shared twins, and include own bathroom.

3 nights - £375

Beth Howes is trained in classical Pilates.
She qualified in 2017 and has her own studio in west wales.
Beth has helped hundreds of clients to overcome injuries, and strengthen from within, she has worked one to one, with groups and ran corporate workshops.

Wake up to pilates with Beth, preparing you for the day ahead. If you're not a morning person, end your day with pilates to unwind for the evening of pampering. Discover muscles you never knew existed, whilst learning how to move correctly and safely following exercises created by Joseph Pilates. Not only does pilates help physically, but mentally as well - pilates is for everyone. It is designed to reform your body into a longer, leaner and stronger body with it's low impact exercises. You will have a detailed booklet of exercises to take away with you and practice.


Healthaspire was launched in the summer of 2014 by Ellen Picton, She is fully qualified with a Diploma in nutrition and is based at modern offices overlooking the sea at Milford Haven marina.

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