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There's A New Cook in Town

Healthaspire owner Ellen Picton is pleased to announce the sale of the ready meal business to Francesca Todaro.

Francesca came to Healthaspire as a client 3 years ago and had been suffering with IBS, depression and fatigue, she had seen many GP’s and was offered medication to mask the problem, but she wanted help to heal naturally. So, with Ellen’s help and advice, within a matter of weeks she started to feel better and felt the power of nutrition for herself.

Francesca understands how important it is to stick to Ellen’s principals and is excited to put her own passion and knowledge into her cooking and customer service.

The ready meal service has grown from a service to clients to now making hundreds of meals a week that are delivered right across the UK! The new ownership will help grow the business and make Healthaspire a one stop shop for wellbeing and nutrition. This sale will allow Ellen time to continue to help others heal from within by using the powerful tool of nutrition.

Our food hampers comprise meals that are higher in protein to keep you fuller for longer, and lower in carbohydrates to help keep your sugar levels balanced.

For breakfast there will be a mixture of homemade granolas, smoothies and porridge pots.

For lunch crustless quiches or homemade soups, and for dinner a variety of curries, casseroles and more. The three meals contain around 1400 calories per day.

All you will need to add is yogurt or milk to breakfast, salad to lunch and vegetables to dinner. We require one week’s notice to prepare your hamper (vegetarian hampers are also available). We rotate our menu every 3 weeks to give plenty of variety.

‘Healthaspire Meals’ now has its own Facebook page but will still operate from The Old Smoke House, Francesca will be cooking for three full days which means she can offer a fuller range including more vegan options, frozen curry pastes, free from sweet treats, along with supplying more outlets.

Ellen will remain as a consultant to ‘Healthaspire Meals’ to help teach and guide Francesca through this exciting journey.

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