Nutrition Testing

Food Intolerance Testing 

What Is Tested?
This comprehensive hair test helps to identify food sensitivities (over 150 foods are tested) as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It also indicates imbalances in digestive health as well as other vital aspects which need to be considered in any health plan. Addressing these issues can underpin the journey to better health.

Results are provided in a 17-22 page report that is easily interpreted – coloured charts are included for ease of reference and guidance is given on each area of imbalance.

Fast Service
Testing is usually completed within 14 days.

About The Test
Hair tests are carried out using one of the most advanced and specialised bioresonance systems currently available. The test scans and analyses the energy field contained in the hair sample; this helps to indicate issues which may require attention. It focuses on identifying underlying issues with a view to addressing these through natural remedies and complementary medicine.

The test is based on the principle that every material structure in the universe radiates a unique energy signature – as individuals we are in fact frequency receivers, transducers and transmitters. Frequency patterns are used to conduct a “conversation” with the body and through the process of resonance are able to identify the body’s response. In effect, it seeks out imbalances which are putting a stress on the system.

Science now recognizes that we are electrical bodies; each organ, tissue, cell and emotion has its own unique energetic signature. Everyone has their own unique fingerprint identity and similarly, our body has its own energy patterns with different electromagnetic oscillations. Scientific research has proved that the human body’s electrical fields can be measured; this advanced computerised system has the ability to use these natural frequencies to provide a comprehensive wellness check.

£89 – includes test, consultation and a further appointment to discuss your results

£69 for under 16 year olds


Blood testing 

Whether you want to feel better, live longer, exercise harder or know yourself inside and out we want to empower you to take control of your health with our easy-to-use tests you can do at home.

Private testing means you jump the queue and will have your results within 4 days of sending your sample. 

We have access to over 1200 blood tests. These are some of the most popular. Please get in touch for more details.

Infertility Check £89

Who is this test for?

This test is for women who are having problems conceiving and who wish to identify the cause. Alternatively it is for women who are aiming to get pregnant and wish to establish that their hormones are in balance and that they are not pre-menopausal.

Coeliac Check £89

why take this test?

  • you have digestive and other symptoms and you want to confirm or rule out coeliac disease
  • you, or a close family relative, has an autoimmune condition
  • you have low levels of some vitamins and want to check for absorption problems

Active B12 £49

Who is this test for?

This test is for people looking to establish their levels of active vitamin B12. In particular it is essential for people who do not get any vitamin B12 in their diets e.g. vegans and some vegetarians as well as elderly people who are at greater risk of deficiency.

Sports performance £79

Why take this test?

  • you want to know if you’re fit to train
  • you want a baseline level of your health so that you can track improvements
  • you’re not making the gains you expect and you want to understand why

Making exercise a regular part of your life can transform your health; nothing is more motivating than seeing how a new health and fitness regime can help to improve important blood markers. This test gives an excellent insight into health risks that you may have as well as an understanding of why your progress in the gym might not be as you hoped.

Includes tests for iron deficiency and cholesterol as well as vitamin D, B12, and testosterone. Track changes to your inner health as your fitness levels improve, and learn how informed changes to your diet and lifestyle can help improve your overall wellbeing.

Lifestyle Check £69 

Why take this test?

  •  you want a general health check
  •  you’d like to see if your diet and lifestyle could be healthier
  •  you want to proactively manage your health

Your health is influenced by many factors including your age, your lifestyle and your family history. Knowing your own personal risks will help you to be proactive about your health. And with advice from a qualified doctor included, we will help you pinpoint the areas of your health you need to focus on.

Keeping track of your health has never been easier – our Health and Lifestyle Check measures important markers for liver, kidney and heart health as well as tests for inflammation, iron and key vitamins for energy and optimal health.

Stool Sample testing

A simple way to see what’s going on inside your gut.

This test is performed in your own home, a simple test kit is sent through the post.

Complete status of intestinal colonisation £125

This test analyses 11 bacterial strains, which scientists consider as representative for the gut ecology. These bacteria are physiological in normal numbers, but cause problems if their counts are out of balance. (7) In this test stool pH is also measured and a full fungal analysis for all yeasts and moulds, like in the mycology, is performed. With the increasing knowledge about the importance of the micro-flora, this test has become the most important basic test.

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